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Dave Ahlgren

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Recent project have focused on wireless, networking, digital video, embedded computing and other related technologies.


We offer both hourly or fixed price service.




Tactical Communications and Surveillance Platform -   Design and development of a battery powered wireless Tactical Communications Kit including: System integration and packaging design for a rugged laptop, satellite phone and antenna, EVDO/Wi-Fi router and long range cellular amplifier. Design and development of an integrated battery/charger and DC control/monitoring system featuring rapid/continuous charging, extra long storage/shelf life and precision monitoring.

Long Reach Beam In (LRBI) Wireless Network -   Proposal development for a mesh network based long reach wireless network to support small teams in dynamic deployments to remote locations. The network is formed by deployment of ground/airborne un-manned vehicles each carrying a dual radio LRBI node. One radio is used to support a self forming airborne/ground mesh network for backhaul. The other radio supports communication with team members carrying standard COTS handheld wireless devices.

Directional MANET networking -   Strategic planning for a very high speed mobile ad hoc network based communication backbone utilizing long range fast steering directional antennas, high speed radios, link scheduling, navigation modeling and topology mapping.

Battery Powered Wireless IP Video Camera -   System integration and packaging design of a battery powered, wireless, IP, digital video camera featuring small size, high density Li-Ion battery and rugged packaging. Supports Dynamic DNS and browser based viewing via the Internet.

Airborne Software Defined Radio – Comms Engineering, strategic planning, architecture analysis and project management for a 1 Gbps long range multiple access radio including heavy FPGA/DSP technology,

DIRECNET Mesh Network Consortium – Strategic planning and formation of a multi company consortium dedicated to developing and publishing an open standard for a communication technology to support network centric operations warfare (NCOW).

FORCEnet NCOW Opportunities – Strategic planning and analysis of opportunities in FORCEnet and Net-Centric related software for training, high-tech equipment and transportation


Wireless Video Security Network – Product design and prototype development for a start up company focused on mobile digital video security featuring the ability to penetrated buildings and barriers.


Rapid ConOps Development – Business development for Virtual Agility a technology for rapid prototypes of Concepts of Operations (ConOps)


Homeland defense – Program management for BioNet, a data acquisition, analysis and display system that provides early warnings of Bio-Terror attacks, ConOps and MOU development


4th Utility Wireless Networking– Design and specification of a large wireless network for broadband distribution to commercial buildings.


Wireless 3G CDMA– Product development and short run manufacturing for a start up focused on mobile Wi-Fi products


Commercial Real Estate Technology Integration - Consulting services for integration of telephony, networking, security, and energy management


Commercial Real Estate Seminar – Customer Acquisition with a focus on CIO/CTO


Wireless eCommerce – Development of operations for a fast paced sales and service company specializing in enhanced 3G and Wi-Fi products and solutions.


Training and Seminars

o   Commercial Real Estate Technology

o   Introduction to WiMAX

o   Introduction to SIP

o   What’s hot in San Diego Telecom Industry


Events and Conferences Attended

o   2007 AFCEA Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

o   2006 Naval NETWAR FORCEnet Industry Conference

o   2006 Navy Goldcoast Conference

o   2006 Software Radio Summit

o   2006 NCOIC Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium

o   2005 MOBEX Joint Disaster Search and Rescue

o   2005 FORCEnet engineering conference

o   2005 RealCom Commercial Real Estate Technology



AhlTek News

AhlTek wins NAVY SBIR to develop an airborne broadband communication system for rapid deployment of Internet access to small teams on the ground. The entire system is based on COTS technology with specific application enhancements. Check back soon!

------------------------HotSpot in a Box Aids Mass Casualties in Search and Rescue and Disaster Response
Click here for info


Introducing!! NEW, Patient Tracking/ Disaster Management System

Portable, self contained- laptop, handhelds, long range 3G/Wi-Fi Internet access, 8 hr battery or continuous AC operation.

Optional solar charger

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Important Events !!


NDIA 2008 Homeland Security S&T Stakeholders Conference East, Washington, CA, June 3 -5, 2008 Click Here


Port Security Training Technology Corp, San Diego, May 15 – 16, 2008 Click Here


Secure Border Initiative, A Virtual Fence,  Wireless, Video, Sensors, Situational

Awareness, Man Portable Mobility  Click Here


California Police Chiefs Association - Programs, Services, and Representation for Municipal Police Chiefs - Fresno, March 2 - 6,  2008 Click Here


AFCEA - Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association - San Diego, CA Feb 6-7, 2008 Click Here


Strong Angel III - Homeland Defense Demo - A global response to terrorist-Avian Flu attack.

Click Here


Naval NETWAR FORCEnet Enterprise and Industry Conference, San Diego, Sept. 25-26, 2007  Click Here



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