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Dave Ahlgren

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AhlTek provides complete product design and development services. 

Generally we manufacture these products on a small quantity basis and make some of them available for purchase for evaluation of the technology.

Our services include production engineering for local or off shore volume manufacturing.




MANET Networking Platform. (MNP)

  For mobile ad hoc network development

  Linux based,

  Compact flash, dual PCMCIA slots

  High power a/b/g cards,

  Cable and connector kits.



MANET Networking Platform. (MNP) -  For mobile ad hoc network development.  Linux based, compact flash, dual PCMCIA slots, high power a/b/g cards, cable and connector kits.  MANETs are self-configuring networks where each node is a mobile router that is free to move randomly and organize themselves as they go.  A MANET may operate in a standalone fashion, or may be connected to the world wide web.  The real benefit of a MANET is its ability to deploy rapidly virtually without configuration. They are suitable for most military deployments, a variety of emergency situations like natural or human-induced disasters or emergency medical response.

Warrior Battery Pack (WBP-KR1)
  Popular Kyocera EVDO/Wi-Fi Router
  Instant hotspot or sensor network

  20 hours on a single charge
  Built-in charger



Warrior Battery Pack (WBP-KR1) is a rugged, self-contained battery/charger/equipment package designed to bring portability to a variety of electronic devices in road warrior, hard-to-wire or temporary applications. One popular application is to battery power a KR1 EVDO router to create a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, ideal for impromptu gatherings, emergency responders or M2M applications such as environment monitoring. The WBP-KR1 enclosure provides an internal plate for mounting a Kyocera KR1 EVDO/Wi-Fi router, or similar electronic device. It includes room for storage of cables and other small devices and provides an internal 12V power connector for use with standard vehicle power adaptors. For typical applications, the WBP will operate for 20 hours on a single charge and can be recharged in less than 3 hours via the built-in multi-mode charger. There are several options for extending the range of the EVDO/Wi-Fi.  WBP-KR1 - spec sheet

Mobile Video System (MVS)
   Backpack Video for Squads/teams  

   Penetrates buildings and barriers
   IP based Digital Video

   Provides situational awareness
   Worldwide remote viewing


Mobile Video System (MVS) - An advanced wireless video technology designed to provide audio/video communication to a squad or team working in an environment that has significant barriers to wireless transmission such as inside and around buildings.  Each team member, equipped with a video camera and MVS radio, becomes part of the communication network and automatically assists in the transmission of video back to a central commander where it can be displayed and recorded on a specially equipped laptop.  The fully IP based digital video may be accessed were ever the Internet is available. The network is a highly reliable and flexible IP based technology capable of carrying voice, video and a variety of data including biometric vital signs, Chem-Bio-Nuclear sensors and various environmental monitoring.

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AhlTek News

AhlTek wins NAVY SBIR to develop an airborne broadband communication system for rapid deployment of Internet access to small teams on the ground. The entire system is based on COTS technology with specific application enhancements. Check back soon!

------------------------HotSpot in a Box Aids Mass Casualties in Search and Rescue and Disaster Response
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Introducing!! NEW, Patient Tracking/ Disaster Management System

Portable, self contained- laptop, handhelds, long range 3G/Wi-Fi Internet access, 8 hr battery or continuous AC operation.

Optional solar charger

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Important Events !!


NDIA 2008 Homeland Security S&T Stakeholders Conference East, Washington, CA, June 3 -5, 2008 Click Here


Port Security Training Technology Corp, San Diego, May 15 16, 2008 Click Here


Secure Border Initiative, A Virtual Fence,  Wireless, Video, Sensors, Situational

Awareness, Man Portable Mobility  Click Here


California Police Chiefs Association - Programs, Services, and Representation for Municipal Police Chiefs - Fresno, March 2 - 6,  2008 Click Here


AFCEA - Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association - San Diego, CA Feb 6-7, 2008 Click Here


Strong Angel III - Homeland Defense Demo - A global response to terrorist-Avian Flu attack.

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Naval NETWAR FORCEnet Enterprise and Industry Conference, San Diego, Sept. 25-26, 2007  Click Here



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