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Dave Ahlgren

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San Diego ...   The Ideal Business Climate 

o Known for its Friendly and Supportive Business Environment

o Home to a Full spectrum of Technical and Trade Associations

o Excellent Source for Help and Support


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Resources and Associations

AFCEA - Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Assoc. - AFCEA-SD.org

CCAT - Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology -  CCATsandiego.org

NDIA - National Defense Industrial Association - NDIA-sd.org

SDSIC - San Diego Software & Internet Council - SDSIC.org
CommNexus - (was San Diego Telecom Council) - commnexus.org
SDSU Foundation Tech Transfer Office - Foundation.SDSU.edu/tto
SDVG - San Diego Venture Group -

SCFN SoCal FreeNet - socalfreenet.org
UCSD Technology Transfer Office - invent.ucsd.edu
CONNECT- connect.org,  Springboard -  Springboard Resources, RTA SD RTA@CONNECT
vonLiebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement - vonLiebig.ucsd.edu




AhlTek News

AhlTek wins NAVY SBIR to develop an airborne broadband communication system for rapid deployment of Internet access to small teams on the ground. The entire system is based on COTS technology with specific application enhancements. Check back soon!

------------------------HotSpot in a Box Aids Mass Casualties in Search and Rescue and Disaster Response
Click here for info


Introducing!! NEW, Patient Tracking/ Disaster Management System

Portable, self contained- laptop, handhelds, long range 3G/Wi-Fi Internet access, 8 hr battery or continuous AC operation.

Optional solar charger

Click Here


Important Events !!


NDIA 2008 Homeland Security S&T Stakeholders Conference East, Washington, CA, June 3 -5, 2008 Click Here


Port Security Training Technology Corp, San Diego, May 15 16, 2008 Click Here


Secure Border Initiative, A Virtual Fence,  Wireless, Video, Sensors, Situational

Awareness, Man Portable Mobility  Click Here


California Police Chiefs Association - Programs, Services, and Representation for Municipal Police Chiefs - Fresno, March 2 - 6,  2008 Click Here


AFCEA - Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association - San Diego, CA Feb 6-7, 2008 Click Here


Strong Angel III - Homeland Defense Demo - A global response to terrorist-Avian Flu attack.

Click Here


Naval NETWAR FORCEnet Enterprise and Industry Conference, San Diego, Sept. 25-26, 2007  Click Here



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